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A reminder for the AGM and Dive Planning Meeting this Friday.

We have had some interesting topics for discussion submitted as well as some great nominations for the committee...

Committee position nominations:

Chairperson - John Gaffney

Treasurer - Nigel Kermode

Diving Officer - Bob Tottey

Equipment Officer - Joe Gaffney

Membership Secretary - Catherine Whitehouse

General Member - No Nominations :(

Club Secretary - Emily McLaren

Of course if you'd like to be considered for any of the roles let us know! We'd love to have you on the committee.

Topics for Discussion:

Bob Tottey - Moving the focus of the club from actively growing and training new recruits, to simply servicing the needs of the current members and accepting trained members on application.

Nigel Kermode - Best use of club funds and assets during club membership decline.

Dive planning 2018:






Any more you'd like to see? Why not submit a trip to the meeting and see if people want to go? :)

Looking forward to seeing you all on Friday.


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